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Dwells within folded paper
Favourite style of art: I like anything colorful, funny , kawai, hentai shh..., pixelart, and overall cool style
Operating System: I dont get what the deal with Vista is, for me its a huge update from wnds 98 (^_^)
Shell of choice: Mafalda Joke!!
Skin of choice: Yours
Personal Quote: "La destrucción es el camino a seguir"
So I'm REALLY bored and :icondoodlesanddaydreams: posted a journal with the following meme, this is a first for me and I thought "what a waste of time", but then I drifted to urban dictionary and the answers, as random as they are sounded funny, some of them were surprisingly accurate, so here is the Urban Meme:

Go to and type in your answers to the following questions.
Post the first definition/s it gives you.
Tag 3 people..

1.) Your name:Francisco
1.the emperor of and king of Atlantis
2.A man who you think highly of, even when you know all his faults. He is charming, and seductive, and handsome in his own way. He can make you smile, cry, laugh, and want to punch the wall all with a txt.
Very strong, very masculine, tall, and he has the cutest smile. He smells wonderful. Though his hands look rough, they are smooth and can be gentle when he wants them to be. He can sing, rope, weld, and fight. He can calm a person down, as well as wind a person up. He tends to have a brick wall around him, but he knows there are holes in it. A few missing bricks. He loves his family and they come first. A lot of the time he puts himself last, too.
He's always there for his friends, so he says. Really he's always there for the friends he chooses, not all of them.(WOW :omfg:)
4.a man or boy who likes to eat and always carries a fleshlight to masturbate. he's consistently masturbating because this creature is gay. (this would probably be true if I could buy a fleshlight in my country)

2.) Your age:20
1.Bag of Weed, costs $20.00 dollars and is enough to make 4 fat joints. (what?)  
2.location or current status/activity (as in):
what's your 20, fool (good to know)
3.the number before 21 and after 19. generally used when counting.

3.) What should you be doing:Studying
1.An excuse you give your friends when you want to stay home alone and masturbate. Also known as 'reading' 'cleaning your room' or writing a term paper.(so true!!)
2.a term used in reference to doing school work. it also ends in the word dying, and slowly leads to it.

4.) Favorite color: Purple(not actually my favorite)
1. An adjective to describe something worthy of being epic. If something deserves the status of epic, you award it with purple.

5.) Birthplace:San Cristobal(the closest thing in english is Saint Christopher)
1.Supposedly one of the best Catholic elementary schools. I went there for 9 long years, and I can tell you, Holy Family is right. It's full of short, rich brats. Don't send your kid there. (Roger that)

6.) Month of your birth: December
1.The month in which the hottest women are born. (I am not aware of that)
2.The best month out of the entire year. That's why they left it last.

7.) Last person you talked to:Mom
1.The woman who loves you unconditionally from birth, the one who puts her kids before herself and the one who you can always count on above everyone else.

8.) One of your nicknames:Fran
1.The most incredible person someone could be friend with. Kind, caring, beautiful, everything else. Listens to you when your in need and will be there for you. Easily the most astounding and coolest girl a guy could meet.(why am I a girl?)
6.Short form for Francisco or Francesco. Before even being a female name, it is male by default.It comes from the popular devotion to Saint Francis, who is a italian and male Saint.
large diffusion in Spain and hispanic countries as Francisco's short form, most likely due to the popularity of the singer from the band Travis, Fran, Healy.Due the popularity of the actress Fran Drescher, who uses this name as it was female, USA citizen perceive Fran as a name for girls.

So That's it, this is the product of boredom combined with the internets

I don't know who to tag, maybe you would like to do it? it was fun for me.
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  • Playing: Wolfteam, Rakion , and soon Age of Armor
  • Drinking: does saliva count?

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